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Transform an Unfinished Room in Your Home This Winter

Transform an Unfinished Room in Your Home This Winter

Having thoughts of transforming that empty attic or basement into something useful this year? Turn the extra time you are forced to spend indoors this winter tackling the project. Research shows, you won’t regret it. The average size of the American home has only grown over the past few decades (more than doubling since the 1950s); we are seeing more and more current homeowners looking to maximize their existing space without the trouble of building an entire addition.

Your wallet will be thanking you in the long run, too. Not only will your family benefit from the short-term use of a new playroom, home office or media center,  but surveys have shown that you can expect much of the cost of these projects to be returned to you when the time comes to sell. In fact, research conducted by the Concrete Network indicates that a finished basement follows kitchen and bathroom renovations as the next largest return on your home improvement investment.

Our staff is here to help your plans come to fruition with professional advice and the tools you will need to complete your project. You will find that with the help of our rental equipment, a few friends or family members and a little bit of sweat, many of these projects are within your capacity to complete - no need to hire an expensive architect and his team!

First, sit down with your entire family to decide the best way to use this space. Many families opt to turn an unfinished basement into a kid-friendly zone. While your children are younger, an unfinished basement may be appealing, as no amount of mess will really damage the space. We often find, however, that families with teenagers look to transform a downstairs room into a hangout spot; these spaces, while still under your watch, are the perfect place to mute that newly formed punk band or chatty sleepover. Your intended purpose for the space will result in certain material choices - come to us for the tools you’ll need to install carpeting, wood flooring or tiling.

Others opt for a more multipurpose space, such as a combination home office and gym. In this case, you may be looking to put up some walls (as many basements are merely a large, open room). We can help you out here as well, be it from a nailer to put up walls, to a drywall lift to help with ceilings.

Finally, many homeowners often consider the storage space they might lose when making this sort of transformation. We say that there is no shortage of creative ways to store what may be currently lying in a heap downstairs. Even if you are not ready for a full remodel, you may want consider organizing and sprucing up the vacant space by adding some shelving and storage units. We also offer a variety of different saws that can help you accomplish these sorts of organizational goals.

In short, one of the best reasons to transform your basement or attic this winter is that these spaces are literally blank canvases when it comes to your creative side, as well as your family’s needs. Take the time to come up with your plan; our staff is here to help you make it a reality this year!