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Top Home Updates

Top Home Updates

Whether you want to update your home’s look to match your personality, meet your family’s changing needs, or prepare for a property sale, there are many easy projects you can consider. These top home updates are sure to refresh your home and give you pride of ownership in this very important space.

Why Update at All?

Tastes change over time, and the colors and styles of your home that were wonderful years ago may no longer reflect who you are today. Similarly, as children grow, that bedroom that was fun for a preschooler no longer suits a high school student, and some changes can update the space to be more comfortable and practical. Repairs, renovations, and updates are also common after damage, or may be useful when life circumstances change, such as needing a home office after changing careers or no longer needing one after retirement. You may also simply want to modernize your space for a refreshing new look. Whether a simple project is best or you’re interested in more extensive renovations, there are easy updates that can help make your home all you need it to be.

Top 15 Home Updates You Can Do

There are many different home updates you can easily tackle, and each one will update your home to better suit your needs and style.

  • Landscaping – Your home’s landscaping is its first impression on the neighborhood. Pruning overgrown shrubbery, installing a privacy hedge, adding a colorful flowerbed, refreshing mulch, or even installing new sod can all have dramatic effects on your home’s exterior. Consider windowboxes and containers for instant appeal as well.
  • House Numbers – House numbers are often overlooked, but they set a mood for your home and help create its identity. You might choose numbers that match the structure’s style, or opt for personalized options such as custom fonts or whimsical choices like colorful floral tile numbers if you’re a gardener, fish themes for the fisherman, or other fun patterns.
  • Paint – Paint is a wonderful tool for home updates, and can be used in many easy ways. You might repaint something as simple as an entry door for a new pop of color, or could add an accent wall to amp up the drama in a gathering space. Whole rooms can be repainted for instant refreshment, or you could repaint baseboard or window frames for fast rejuvenation.
  • Outdoor Living Space – Add instant livability to your yard when you update a deck, porch, or patio as a fun outdoor room. New pavers, outdoor furniture, and accessories can completely transform a space, and you could even add whimsy with a painted game board on the patio, a  new outdoor kitchen for grilling, or a firepit for cool evenings.
  • Lighting – Brighten up your home and give it a fresh new look with new lighting. Recessed lighting brightens spaces without being intrusive, or you can update older fixtures with sleek, modern designs. Consider undercabinet lighting in the kitchen or bath, add ambient lighting to a family room, or simply update all fixtures with more energy efficient bulbs for fast savings.
  • Window Treatments – Windows are easy to update with new shades, draperies, or plantation shutters, and new window treatments can completely change the look of a room. Consider window-darkening options or treatments that can improve the windows’ energy efficiency for even more usefulness.
  • Hardware Swaps – Give cabinets and doors an instant new look by swapping out for fresh hardware. You can change finishes and styles to add more personality to the room, or opt for whimsy with themed choices such as vegetable pulls for kitchen drawers or vintage doorknobs for a cozy guest bathroom.
  • Ceiling Fans – Add a breath of fresh air to any room by installing a ceiling fan. Not only will it provide better air circulation and reduce heating and cooling costs, but ceiling fans are available in a variety of sizes and style to match any décor. This will create a refreshing mood in any room and be a practical update as well.
  • Floating Shelves – Improve display options in any room with easy floating shelves. A series of shelves can become a gallery wall in a family room, entryway, or hall, while shelves in the kitchen are great for storing glassware or spices. Floating shelves can become an instant bookcase in a child’s room, or may add space to display a collection in any room.
  • Dimmer Switches – Dimmer switches can set different moods in different rooms. This is great for a family room where you can dim lights for movie night, or to create a spa-like atmosphere in a primary bathroom. Dimmers can also be used in bedrooms as built-in nightlights, or may be ideal in a kitchen for overnight lighting.
  • Door and Window Trim – Framing a bare doorway with new molding can create a dramatic impact. Use wider designs for large rooms, or create a finished, refined look with simple molding. For even more impact, use coordinating frames around windows for an elegant finish around the entire space.
  • Crown Molding – While you’re framing a room’s doors and windows, consider adding crown molding or updating baseboards. This can add elegance to a room and creates a thoughtful transition between the floor, walls, and ceiling. Larger rooms can use broader moldings, while smaller rooms will look best with thinner, simpler styles.
  • Backsplashes – A new backsplash adds instant style to any kitchen or bathroom, and can cover an old, stained wall that has seen many years of use. There are many amazing backsplash options, including subway tile, glass mosaics, hammered copper, brick, stone, or even chalkboard finishes for an extra bit of practicality.
  • Small Accessories – Updating the little things in a room can make a big difference. Updating switchplates and outlet covers, for example, can modernize a room. Add a robe hook near a shower or bathtub for practical use, or install a wall-mounted soap dish, makeup mirror, or toothbrush holder to free up bathroom counter space.
  • Storage – Extra storage space is always welcome and can help you declutter and organize your home. Consider updating the closet, adding rollouts in kitchen cabinets, putting shelves in the laundry room, or adding a storage bench seat in a window nook for useful storage that will make your home more organized.

You might just tackle one updating project or could plan for multiple renovations, but whatever you choose, you’ll love the refreshed and rejuvenated look of your home as you help it better meet your needs.