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Spring Table Setting

Spring Event Rentals

Spring is a great season for celebrations and get-togethers, from weddings, birthdays, and graduations to bridal and baby showers, reunions, and any happy event. Carefully coordinating your spring event rentals can ensure that no matter what the occasion, your event is properly equipped for everyone’s enjoyment.

What to Rent for Spring Events

The exact items you will need for your event will depend on the occasion, where the event will be held, the number of attendees, and other factors. Certain items, however, are top rentals to make spring events comfortable, entertaining, and memorable.

  • Tent – Tents define event space and provide shelter for your guests. Because spring weather can be unpredictable, tents with sidewalls that can be opened or removed are best, just in case you want to enjoy balmy breezes or need to ward off chillier temperatures. Canopies can be another spring option, and tie-downs are essential to keep the tent secure no matter how strong a spring breeze may be.
  • Heaters – Because spring temperatures can fluctuate wildly, freestanding heaters can make your event space much more comfortable. This is especially critical early in the season or for any spring event that may stretch into the cooler evening hours.
  • Tables – More intimate tables are favorites for spring, and café-style tables can be a great option. For a more casual feel, picnic tables are a whimsical option suitable for many types of events.
  • Seating – Any chairs, benches, or other seating you rent for a spring event should have sturdy footing to be stable and comfortable when the ground may still be soft. Lighter weight, easy-to-clean options such as wooden or plastic chairs are often preferred in spring.
  • Flooring – Snow melt and spring rains can make the ground muddy, soft, and slippery, and adding flooring to your event space can prevent dangerous slips. Consider renting aisle runners, dance floors, and other flooring for entryways, speaking spaces, and high-traffic areas.
  • Linens – Lightweight linens are favored for a breezy spring feel, and pastel colors are spring favorites. Plain white linens can also brighten up a space and enhance nature’s colors, or opt for bold pops of brighter colors to harness the energy of the season.
  • Dishes – Lighter dishes reminiscent of gardens are popular choices for spring events. Baskets, either wicker or woven from other materials, are great choices, and clear glass adds shine and sparkle to dishware without feeling too heavy or bulky. Tin pails and other creative containers from gardens, such as terra cotta pots or watering cans, are whimsical choices.
  • Décor – While Mother Nature decorates beautifully in spring, she might not be on time for early spring events and it can be helpful to rent silk floral arrangements and greenery garlands to enhance your event space. Arches and trellises are great choices to coordinate with the season.
  • Lighting – Be sure your guests can see their way around your event with adequate lighting. Candles are great for evening events in spring, or opt for lanterns or spritely fairy lights for a fun, festive atmosphere even when the sun sets early.
  • Activities – Keep the party going when you rent fun spring activities for your guests to enjoy. Bounce houses are a popular choice for younger guests, and everyone will like a selection of lawn games such as corn hole, croquet, or bocce ball to enjoy in the warm weather.

Planning Your Spring Rentals

No matter what you need to rent, it is important to book early in spring. Because of the popularity of spring events, rentals can fill up fast and if you wait too long, you may not be able to get the supplies you need, or your selection will not be as varied. Check the rental company’s policies and discuss alternatives in case of poor weather, and plan to work with the season rather than trying to create an event that isn’t as well suited to spring. With care, you can plan a spring event and ensure you have the appropriate rentals to create an amazing event that will be the highlight of the season.